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I agree, I am not sure how you are a "parent" to 18 children. I feel it is cruel to make your older children be co-parent's with you. They didn't ask to have that many freakin kids.

Also, we are having a slight crisis with the environment and your 18 kids times whatever they decide to produce isn't helping!


I am a Christian but I make sure I take my birth-control pill the same time every day. I have one child and she is the only one I want.

Miss J

Moog, why would you want to get laid eighteen times by a woman with a vagina in which a midget man of steel could disappear and rust to death before the search party got government funding for spelunking equipment?

The idea following this is so disgusting I am going to self-censor, and let somebody else say it.

C'mon. You know you want to.


First question...what is Night Train? Is that some white trash Canadian drink I don't know about?

Secondly, this woman is insane! There is no way to really be a mother to eighteen kids at one time. Pawning things off on the older children is giving them a one way ticket to the looney bin.

Last, who is going to marry into a family of 18? Talk about the drama!


i believe they r creating their own army....wow


Also, did I mention that I really REALLY feel for the poor daughters having to make the lunches and dinner for them all. I hate making lunch for just Amy and I, let alone making 20 of them! SHEESH.

Why can't the boys cook?


That guy must have the biggest dick in the world if he can still feel the sides of the triple-wide vagina. He should have that pecker bronzed - when he's done with it. Maybe before.


I wonder if the older children are counting on using all those younger siblings as "buddies" for their own children when they eventually start their own families. Then the younger siblings start with THEIR families and use the nieces and nephews etc. etc. etc. Will the next generation also have J names? Or will they move on to the next letter? Will the older ones marry and start producing before Mummy has finished breeding? I've just realised their plan. They're going to take over the world..........


Okay, my take on things.

She is having this many children because she says God wants her to, right? But God also equipped women with breasts for the purpose of feeding babies (not just for men and pleasure).

So, she mustn't be breastfeeding any of the infants, because breastfeeding is a natural contraceptive. Natural as in, God's plan for women.

I mean, that is what I come up with when I follow her reasoning for that many kids.

I was talking to my Dr the other day about conception and contraception (regarding our failure to conceive) and he said that in areas that have very little access to the outside world (ie: no contraception) the babies tend to come every 2-3 years naturally.

So how unnatural must she be?

Also, what the hell happens to 6 week recovery time after each delivery? I couldn't even fathom having sex until Amy was 10 weeks old and then it was a mercy fuck anyway.

Sorry for the essay. And yes, they do beg to be torn to shreds using their own logic.


OMG, you have me in stiches!!! Go Cookiebitch, GO!!!!

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