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Oh, holy night - the Duggers proudly announced that mama dugger is knocked up with #18. Somebody buy this woman a tubal ligation!!!



I'm just wondering what their weekly grocery bill amounts to. The clothing bill wouldn't be so much since only the eldest boy and girl would get a new dress and suit, all the rest would just pass down what they're currently wearing. Since the baby doesn't have anyone to pass his or her clothes to, obviously they need another...........


I have to stop reading you at work.. You make me snort!! LOL LOL

mary nacey

This family is indeed the Duggers from Arkansas where the father, yes his name really is Jim Bob (or Daddy as their website calls him most of the time), was a congressman for the state. People: That means he was elected, by the majority of the population in the great state of Arkansas. The only good news here is that he is not known to be a polygamist and is apparently not on welfare so you and I are not buying their groceries. Mary


babe that picture made me laugh so hard I peed myself.


i read the tag line under the photo and honestly felt bad for the vag.

is it just me or do they not look related? aside from the gross hair cuts... they look nothing alike :S


They're not polygamists, sweetheart. Do your research and make up your mind who you want to make fun of - polygamists or people who have lots and lots of kids. It dilutes the humor if you get your facts wrong. And I say, if they enjoy having all those kids, why the heck should I care? They take care of all of them and they're not on welfare.

Besides, they make me look normal, with "just" my 6.


That's an old picture. They've added at least one more girl to the litter since it was taken.


i'm surprised she's still walking around with an intact vagina. and after the 8th baby, do they just walk right out of the birth canal or does she still have to push???


I can tell by looking at them what they eat every single day.

Breakfast- Generic Fruity-O's with powdered milk and OJ from concentrate.

Lunch- bologna on Wonderbread, no cheese or mayo.

Dinner- tuna casserole. Every frickin night.
Green Jell-o for dessert.

And all they drink is Kool-Aid.

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