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So true. The dickwads are everywhere. It is also funny how people have so many opinions about what you should be doing with your money, but don't want to hear any opinions from anyone on what they should be doing with their money.


You know a place that delivers ribs?? now that is what you need to be writing about. although there is a pizza place by me that will deliver liquor with your pizza order. so I can't really complain all that much.


Welcome back. Now just where was that crack you found the twenty?


Love it! Leave it to you to break the *gasp* "we don't talk about that, dear (pat on the knee)".

I agree on the setting of money limits for big-ticket items, but damn, it sure is nice to have something extra to do with what you will. I will admit to being a bit hard-pressed when it comes to Christmas since we seem to just go and get whatever we want.

I too went through the relationship where I was told where to grocery shop for the exact items, no money for extras, etc. I am SO GLAD to not be there anymore (sorry for yelling but it is that important). It is totally a control issue and no one (man or woman) should have to put up with that.

I'm glad you're back! Missed ya.


The thing about the richest person paying it that it shouldn't come from the "poor" but from the "rich". When I eat with my engineer friends who make about 3 times my salary, I have no problem letting them pay if they offer. But if they don't, I pay for myself and have no problem with it either...

(unny thing, though, either it's France or just my family, but money is far from being taboo with my folks. It's not about loving it vs. thinking it's dirty, it's just that it's kind of hard to live without any so we don't pretend it doesn't exist... like we don't pretend we don't poop. And as my mum works in a hospital lab and is totally desensitized to the "gross" productions of the human body, we also have no problem talking about poop ;-)


Yay! Bitch is back!

I was married to a man that handed me a check (not the checkbook) to go to the grocery store. I also had an amount that I could not go over. I learned how to clip coupons, bargain shop, and persuade the clerk to let me write it for $20 over so I could have cash in my pocket, and still be under budget. I am no longer married to that man.

I believe in separate checking accounts for discretionary spending if you're involved with a partner who does not understand $100 shoes. I didn't understand his need for $200 baseball bats, but my theory was if the bills are paid, there's Patron in the cabinet, and the electricity is on, go for it. That man did not get that theory when it applied to my spending. I am no longer married to that man.

I am now not married, make decent money on my own, and just bought new shoes yesterday. My bills are paid and my feet are shod. It's a good day.

Memarie Lane

In my house, it's my husband that has to ask permission. His name isn't even on the bank account. He gets paid, deposits the check directly into my account. I put gas in the car and such. Sometimes he'll ask me for money for things like breakfast and lunch, and I might hand him a buck or two.

Poppy Buxom

Great post! I'm here because of Schmutzie's Five Star Friday blog. I know what you mean about the joys of having money after a long time of living on ramen noodles. In fact, I think I'll start a Cafepress shop and sell t-shirts that say "Don't hate me because I'm rich."

Wanna buy one?


As someone who is living hand to mouth (but still surviving very well) I totally miss the second income that allowed me to go out to lunch!

Also, YAY! You're back!

Eighty eight

Welcome back...I love money, I spend it like its going out of style...and shoes, don't even get me started on shoes.

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