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Talina Norris

I second your post... I am a lazy ass these days and emotionally distracted. A cabana boy may fix it... :-P

Hang in there, we understand- shit happens.


Take all the time you need, Your Cookieness. We'll be here waiting patiently :-)


Take a week or two to get your poop in a group.... I'm sure I won't be the only one checking back to make sure you post or nag the shit outta you if you don't hehehe.


i dont think you should feel so pressured to write! everybody has down time and it's unhealthy to make yourself feel so guilty all the time :/ i say take all the time you need, i'll read no matter what you write about because as long as you're being honest, it's all good!


Last time I blogged was in February. Every time I feel guilty I buy a pair of shoes to make it go away. Make guilt work for you, that's my theory.

I blame Spring and all this "spring cleaning" crap being forced down our throats.

It'll all come together and your fans will still be here waiting with baited breath. (worm breath? huh?)

In the meantime, I'll dedicate my next shoe purchase to you!


I'm not sure if I can actually take you on, but I'll kick your ass if you quit.

You'll find a way to make it all work. If not, I'll damn well MAKE you find a way to make it work.

All in good fun of course, I'll even bring alcohol ;-)


I hope the heels you wore for 3 days were at least sexy and comfortable heels.

I shall be waiting with chewed nails til you get back.

Miss J

Screw guilt. Or wash it away with tequila. Or whatever. Just don't post half-assed bullshit while you have most of your mind on real-world worries, just to be posting SOMETHING. That will suck all the fun out of it, and turn blogging into a chore, and then you really WILL quit. That would make me sad. Or possibly angry, in which case I won't buy you a lap dance from the midget stripper when you're in town. So THERE.


I want to be on the "tequila and cabana boy" watch RIGHT NOW! :sighs: This life thing is shit sometimes but its what we got. Lets make a sam-mich and kill the taste with margaritas while wearing awesome heels followed by cookies. Good luck getting caught up.

i will pass on the guilt if you don't mind. i think I got that jar pretty well full.


You totally deserve lots of breathing, tequila, and non-touching hugs! heehee

Hang in there, CB. Things will work out they they need to. And in the meantime, we will be looking forward to your next post.

Oh, and yeah, screw the guilt.

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