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oh but you are a good person. You make lots of people laugh everyday!!!!!


umm. so i'm guessing you don't want to help me at the pto carnival next week? or walk with me in the march of dimes walk....no? i won't wear my crocs.


"...they can kiss my dimpled, lily white ass. Which smells like hot dogs."

Priceless. And I'd pay good money to see you wipe your ass with wieners; great money for pictures of it.

THE BITCH IS BACK and I'm frightened.

Miss J

"Tell you what, until the community does something for me besides raise my taxes and decrease my services, they can kiss my dimpled, lily white ass."

Oh, mercy. Got any room for MY ass on that hobbyhorse? I couldn't agree more. The closest I get to community service these days is to point and laugh when government officials get caught and publicly humiliated for embezzling, driving drunk, or downloading kiddie porn. I just wish somebody would do all three at the same time, that would be extra funny.


Please ignore my request for a donation to Save the Shoes.


BTW wanted to say I love your title choice. I once saw a cake shop called "let them eat cake" and I thought, "hmmm, do they not know where that quote came from?" LOL


I love this post.

i wouldn't push a nun down stairs, but hey... I am way too stressed to deal.


Are we still saving whales? You mean that booth I manned at the school craft show in 5th grade didn't do the trick?


Never knew you had such negative opinions about your town. What happened to shaking hands and kissing babies?

I've learned that someone will always ask you to be on this committee or help with that fundraiser. You have got to say no or it will take over you life and wallet. Elementary school alone will suck you dry if you let it. Never mind work, the city, the county and the state.


VINTAGE CookieBitch. I love it.

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