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i suck too. my reader says 1000+. i guess they stop counting posts over 1000+ because they are worried someone might off themselves due to the stress of it all. hope you have a good trip!

Miss J

I suck too. I just finished a post that I actually started writing a few days ago. I get interrupted A LOT.


I'm sure you'll get plenty of new material during your travels.


I suck too. I can post, but apparently I'm incapable of reading these days. Ugh.


Enjoy bumfuck Arkansas, or where ever you're heading. Work up a good bile and spew upon your return.


P.S. "and don't take any shit from anybody." You really are a Billy Joel fan, aren't you?

Cool Lisa

we all suck this week....my house looks like whoever lives there has been drinking....and I my desk at work looks like I have been nipping off a little somethin' in my bottom left drawer.

only one post this week....thought maybe you were just building up pressure....guess so....can't wait to hear how people elsewhere have pissed you off.


Have a fun trip. I'm going shopping this weekend, so I'll send you pictures of the heroin.


I think I still have half a bottle of that good rum .. hhmm ... no CookieBitch all week and now she's being NICE ... something's up ... I may have to watch my back ... check my bank account or something .. because something just ain't RIGHT ... fuck, now I'm going to be all paranoid and stuff. Thanks.


Safe travels!

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