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Ahhhh...good old Smurfville!

Ha to Joe...I do recall him sleeping and I think he may have been having a sex dream on the couch too.

If Tigerlilly only knew about 'those in charge of workplace policies'...I feel another blog coming on.


Yes I recall there being an inordinate amount of "sleepers" at Smurfville.

Need I remind you that my first memory of YOU is you lying on one of those infamous couches chatting on your cell phone? While your boss walked past.

Look at you now.

Are you SURE that’s not the way to be promoted?


Well said.

*thanks god she doesn't work at the moment*


you seriously took the words right out of my mouth. i might print this and hang it in my office. :)


How fucking annoying. I don't even work there

But honestly, they're just doing what they are allowed to get away with. Give most people an inch and they'll take here to the next galaxy.

Your company should be all over that shit like a bad rash. Seriously, if they don't put a stop to it, why should the lazy fucks stop doing it? These "employees" sound exactly like those bad bad BAD children you see running around stores acting like heathens and all mommy is doing about it is saying, Stop. I said stop. If you don't stop.......I'm going to count to 3.......you just wait till your father gets home.......do you want a toy? then you better straighten up and act right.........
What. The. Fuck. Ever.
Bust that kids ass, (and I mean HARD), enjoy it, and know that it's for their own good.

Same goes for employess that pull the kind of shit they are pulling: ban the behavior, enforce it with a zero tolerance policy and fire the fuck out of any asshole who dares to defy authority.

It's that simple. Cookie, you should call this behavior to the attention of whoever is in charge of your workplace policies. If I was a client and walked in and saw anything even remotely close to that kind of shit going on, I'd turn on my heel, walk out, demand a refund for all unfinished accounts, and take my business elsewhere. No excuse for that kind of shit in ANY workplace, regardless of how casual, much less anything corporate.


Years ago (ugh, that makes me sound old) I had a coworker who was moonlighting as a poker dealer for this high-end once-a-year championship. She told us all that she would be making X-trillion dollars for working this gig.

And then proceeds to tell me that I have to be her personal alarm clock because she has to sleep during her lunch!

Stupid me went along with it (although with a very bad attitude) and then we had a fight because she wants to know why I don't want to "help" her out.



I could use a good nap. Is your firm hiring?


I used to work a split shift at a daycare for special needs children for about 10 years. I would go in at 5:30am and work until 8:30 am. Then work again at 12:00Pm until 5:00 P.m I lived to far away to drive home during the break so I would sleep on the couch in our break room. I even brought an alarm clock, however I did not have a strawberry short cake blanket. I could not imagine doing this at my new job or on company paid time. ( I was not paid during my break. But I did get paid an extra $3 an hour for doing it.)


Don't worry you are NOT the only one who has to work with what I call "them" but the difference is the "them" I work with are all surfer's. (i work a block from the beach, but I pay out the ass to live out here) So instead of sleeping they like to come in from the beach half dressed covered in sand and walk through the factory tracking it all the way through. even though the shower is outside the building. so not only are the floors covered in a thin layer of sand and water but everything here is sensitive electronic equipment. and they wonder why half of our stuff doesn't work.


I guess this means free boobin at work is out now, huh?
*hiding bunny slippers*

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