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OOOOeeeee this is funny the biggest are the MONSTER NUTS at http://allthenutz.com haha


I think I am going to throw up. Penises, balls, men's ass hair...barf-o-rama!


I didn't know you could get testicles in so many colors.

I only know the color of mine.



hmmm. i think i may hang a set of pink balls on marks manly truck. just to be a whore.

Politically Blonde

Guys who put truck nuts on their ride are compensating for a lack of balls in real life. Freud would have a field day.

The Super Bongo

thanks for your kind wishes. However, I've not gotten any fake balls or "nuticles" today . . . which leaves me kinda feeling incomplete, you know?


Wow. Somehow this makes the car I always see at my local K-Mart with the entire back window taken up by custom lettering that says "If you're going to ride my ass, then pull my ass hair" seem just a little saner.


Ok. when I lived in texas and everyone had a truck, or two... I saw these things. I got really scared... since then, i have decided to not think about it.

balls.. heh.


I'll bet those guys are REAL popular down there in that part of the country where the family tree don't fork, where mother's have been known to walk into the living room and say "Y'all come see this before I flush it", where all the sheets in the house have been sewn into pointy hats with eyeholes cut in 'em, in that fondly embraced area of the good ol' US of A where the only thing bigger than your hat is your belt buckle - there, there they are sold and proudly displayed as badges of redneck manhood!!


Oh Mah Holy Hell.

I'm wondering who I can get keychains for.

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