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I think you're a good writer, and this blog has been rising my curiosity for that "female things" because it has been releasing to many concepts and interesting things about life, women, man, marry and couples. 23jj


Don't even get me started CB! Don't even get me started!


So then I don't suppose you want to hear about how I once drowned a kitten with my balls. Just as well, it's a painful memory.


Bravo for the drink dumpage on that fucktard that drowned the puppies. Too bad he didn't drown himself and let the puppies live.

That is my Humane Society volunteer voice talking. Volunteered for them for close to 5 years in FL.

Go Cookiebitch Go!


Yeah I told Brad that if anything ever happened to him I would become a cat lady. No more dating for me.


I love how he brought up the story about murdering puppies AFTER you said you're into the humane society. That's even worse than mentioning that you're an abortion doctor right after the chick just said that she's militantly pro-life.

Sarcastic Mom

Um. I am SO not going to try to compete with you.

WTF @ the puppy guy?

Ball walker is just funny.

Me? I just enjoyed being cheated on repeatedly. Oh joy!


My God, can you believe that someone would drown puppies in the bathtub he bathes in? Ack, that makes me want to puke.

Yes, oh Queen, I do kiss your hand. Congratulations on finding the sane one.


I had no idea I had dodged such a bullet.

Thank you, in retrospect, for not sticking a fork in my balls.


Wow, the dating scene is ugly for sure....but not enough to marry again!!! Maybe just a nice guy I can stand for more than 6 weeks and co-habitat with????? That would be nice....any acceptable guys left out there?????

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