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This is why I dont even look people in the eye at the grocery store!


You do go to the grocery store a lot. Have you ever thought of buying in bulk?

Also, who the fuck eats tomato soup?


Raley's does seem to have better clientele when I go there. Of course, I've spent a few minutes in the soup aisle, I must admit. All those labels are so confusing....
How about a game of chicken in the parking lot with our grocery carts. That might be fun.
Seems like they'd require you to lock up kids before you go grocery shopping. Or maybe they can make special carts with the basket on top and a cage at the bottom for rambunctious children.
I must be hanging around with you toooooo much.


You're a veritable retard magnet. I'm going to have to do my daily lunch time shopping with you. It will certainly be more entertaining.


wow. do you live here in jackabama? cause that sounds so familiar. i'm so glad to know i am not the only one who HATES the patriots. i was beginning to think i was unamerican or something. doesn't everyone know tom brady is gay????


Cookie? Have wine delivered. That way, when I run out of vodka, I don't have to go out. Sometimes the grocery store just isn't worth having food.


Know what's fun? Shopping at the grocery store across the street from every freaking retirement home in town. Grocery shopping is so much more exciting when you have to avoid oxygen tank tubes and walkers. It's like playing Frogger, but with old people.


My favorite idiots (NOT) are the moo-cows who stop to pick up a sample of whatever the store is hawking at the moment and as soon as the mouth opens the brain stops working and they just frickin' STAND there, shopping carts every which way, for as long as it takes to consume whatever. That is why, just on principle alone, I refuse any and all samples at Costco or Trader Joe's. (Just picture me, steam shooting out of my ears, stink eye beaming, trying to get around all these eejits. Geez!)


I think that's probably the most frustrating behavior in the world- people committing offenses against you and then getting pissed like you're somehow to blame for the situation. Man, I would've had to leave the store... in handcuffs.

The Super Bongo

sigh . . . at least you can buy booze in your grocery . . . we have to sneak into a whole different store . . .

And, frankly, no jury of your peers would have convicted you if you'd taken one of these asshats out of our way.

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