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I am cracking up here. I used to be one of those perky breasted girls in the supermarket with no bra.

Then I had a baby. Now? I have to arrange my nipples too and I have the added bonus of a toddler trying to pop them out of my top when we are out in public. FUN!


Gosh woman, Can you put up a WARNING THIS MAY CAUSE HYSTERICAL LAUGHTER next time? I almost choked laughing just now.

I have to say though. When the boobs are good and nice and don't go flailing around everywhere, I don't mind seeing a pair unleashed. I got to have *something* to look at when bored.


I have nightmares about the day I wake up to find my boobs have finally reached my knees. The sad part is that I started to worry about this my sophmore year of high school.



I have to lift my boobs up NOW.

I had a parent in a meeting one time who I am positive wasn't wearing a bra - but worse yet - I kept staring!


Free boobin is the reason I hardly go out anymore, unless I have to. Bras are instruments of torture.


Even in my youth I rarely free-boobed. I was THAT concerned about others. I mean really a quick turn and half the neighborhood could be on their knees. I always said the only reason I wasn't a marathon runner was the black eyes I'd get everytime I ran around a track.
People just don't know the suffering free-boobing can cause.
Please, for God's sake, if you've got powerful puppies, keep them in check unless you're at home. There is too much pain and suffering in the world already.

Miss J

Dammit, Cookie! You just made me shoot beer out of my nose laughing. That was painful. Thank goodness I'm free boobin right this minute, or it would be too much to bear.

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