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great i just wet my pants a little! i miss the days of perky a sized boobs. now i', like an e. no bra would be pure danger. i mean i could get those babies sucked up in the sweeper...caught in the shower drain. who knows. i used to work in a dialysis clinic where one of the patients NEVER wore undies. he would fall asleep in his chair and his nuts would be all over the place. the sweetest old lady sat right across from him. *snort* it was funny. does that make me twisted?


I'm ONLY free-boobin' when I'm the only one around. Mr. Hot gets grabby. Shortman just gets completely grossed out. I can only imagine what the general public would do.

The Super Bongo



This might be the best Cookie posting of all time. I am crying. Thank you for a great laugh!


He! I teach college, and am a perfectly respectable middle-aged straight woman, but have to say some of these "young ladies" dress to show off the impressive boobage either nature or good surgery has given them! I feel like a perv sometimes, but occasionally it is difficult to tear my eyes from their display. I can only imagine how difficult it must be for those attracted to such physical displays. :)


I was on a road trip last year and we stopped at a little gift/food stop in this town in the middle of nowhere. There was a larger lady there who was free boobin and I kid you not, she only had one. The other one was not off to the side or anything...it was just not there! It was so hard not to do a double take.


I did NOT have a boner on aisle 5.

I was simply pointing out where the Fruit Rollups were to the fine, young lady..using only my dink.

"They're WAY UP THERE!"

I've tried commando (free-ballin'), but got so far as to getting something similar to rug-burn on the tip of my wahoo.

Commando + 2 inch penis = chafing.

Word to the wise.


I need to return your casserole dish. How does this Sunday work for you?


I agree cookie, keep that free boobing/balling stuff within the confines of your home. It's bad, real bad, to be a straight woman and unable to quit looking at the woman who has National Geographic boobs peeking out the bottom of her crop top (that she shouldn't be wearing anyway, NG boobs or not). (true story, that one!)

I never, ever go out in public without a bra on. Period. Because if I did, I'd have to just kick them along or else step all over them, and that's just painful. And embarassing. I suppose I could just throw them over my shoulder, like a scarf, but if I'm gonna do that, I may as well just don my Playtex uniform.

My lifes ambition is to at some point require a heavily padded push up bra only to be told that I'm still flat chested! lol


Last night I dreamed I entered a jump rope contest and had no need for my MaidenForm Bra! (Anybody recall/have knowledge of those comercials?) lol


This was great, thanks!

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