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I have three teenage boys and a pre-teen girl. They are well aware that I am not afraid of CPS because my ass will sleep very soundly in jail without anyone whining at me for gas money; it'll be kinda like a spa trip!

If any of mine ever raise a fist to me I'll call the funeral home and tell them to come for what's left.


Oh dear lord, I totally agree with you. My mom still scares me and she's been dead for 13 years. I know she's got some kind of deal with God and lightening bolts.


Permission to quote your second-to-last paragraph in my blog sometime? With attribution, of course...

The only joy of having teens is the ability to be totally mean and not even feel bad about it. Right now my daughter is working herself to death because I may take her to Kohl's this afternoon (where she can spend her own money, thank you). That is, if I feel like it. If she's lucky and does everything I tell her to do for the next hour. The power goes right to my head and makes me sort of giddy, you know?


I agree. Parents have gone crazy and let children take over. I'm considered evil because I don't buy my kids everything they want and actually give them consequences when they behave badly. Ha!


Loved this ... wish the NY Times and a few others would pick it up and have it become a parenting technique that sweeps the world.

When I was a child I did what my parents told me, now the step children are pretty keen to have me do what they want me to do. I was thinking 'desert island' but now I'm remembering how I raised my daughter ... that no holds barred 'I'm comfortable with mortifying you if you don't behave' thing.


Oh THANK YOU, Cookie, for blogging this topic.

I too am a fan of strict rules and physical discipline as necessary, and feel that the vast majority of children and teens need to have their ass busted on a regular, scheduled basis. Because most of them are horrible, vile, beastly little shits ON a regular and scheduled basis.

I'm not saying you have to abuse your kid or beat them to death, but I believe in good old fashioned spanking and (when old enough to know better) smacking of mouths that are back talking ansd sassing and just basically running off with all kinds of crap.

Kids these days have no respect for anyone, and sadly least of all their parents, and a significatnt element of respect is, as you mentioned, FEAR.

I am 35 years old, and have yet to have children of my own, but I will be parenting the way my mother parented me when I am finally blessed with motherhood. Suffice to say, 35 years old is not too old to be afraid, (read: be afraid, be VERY afraid) of my mother! She'd say it, and you'd do it, or else you'd get it, and I mean BUT GOOD!!


I'm organizing a prayer vigil for you.

But you're on the money, honey. I've seen more than my share of wimpy parents and do my best not to join their ranks. Kids need to be put in their place and learn to stay there. In fact, I think I'll go holler at my kid right now. He's in his room with the neighbor boys playing video games. Seems a good time to flex a little parental muscle.


I find in interesting that your a step mother. And I never met a kid who RESPECTED their step mother because step mothers tend to act like older sisters rather than mothers which would scare the hell out of me if I ever had one.
I don't have children but if in about 15 years I might have one. I would probably be a hard ass too.


you need to write a book on this, in case i need it for the future. working in a grocery store has led me to believe children are the root of all evil, BRING ON THE FEAR!!!!



Standing ovation from Denver.

RIGHT you are!

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