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The coffee girl may not really be perky...that is her job. If you are frequenting the Green Giant, I am all to familiar with their training requirements...if they aren't perky and are mystery shopped resulting in a poor score; they can be written up or be forced to repeat training. It is a bit of a cult and those who join must drink the Kool Aid or in this case the crack coffee.


i think this is one of the best posts i have ever read. you made my morning!


I had a barista this morning who thought the louder she asked me what I wanted, the quicker I would decide. Which, really, I guess she did- I want to order my coffee without someone fucking yelling at me! Glad to have found your blog- great stuff!


one of the worst things you can see in a rearview mirror is when someone is eating something with their mouth wide open so you can see the contents of their mouth plus their tonsils.


"...for the love of god, stop eating you own snot, jacking off, and pretending you are the next American Idol."


..now not ONLY do I have nothing to do on my commute to work, but you've completely destroyed my Friday nights.

Hope you're happy.


hehehehe I have just come here from Veronica@sleepless nights..
My children learned very early on to A:either stay out of my way or B: make me a coffee and then stay out of my way until I had drunk it..

cheers kim


There is something on my blog for you.


Ah the obnoxious, insulting sounds of a happy barrista. I've know why they're always so goddamned happy at that ungodly hour--they've been up for probably at least 2 hours before that and have likely indulged in a bit of their own wares, and so, are fully and overly awake. Although not a barrista, per say, I opened a coffee shop everyday for 2 years, andwas on the job by 4am. You've become well awake and functional when you're first customer trudges through the door and snarls their order at you! lol

People who pick their noses, scratch obscene places and then SMELL THEIR HANDS (WTF?!?!?) while in their cars should be shot on sight. For the love of God!! Do that shit behind closed doors. I don't even want to address a SNOT EATER(?)!
However, I myself am subject to putting on inpromptu in-car concerts. I don't care! I might look like a fucking idiot doing it, but it can be a great way to unwind, and of course once the light turns the concert is over!

Oh fab shoes, btw.


Okay ewwww @ the person picking their nose in the car.

Also? Those happy cheery people at 6am? They need shooting. Just sayin'


Ha, OMG, you are so right, people think they are invisible once they're in the car.

Or just don't care because it is probably the first and last time you'll see them.

You'll never catch me doing that behind the steering wheel ; then again, I don't have a drivers license.

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