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I KNOW you have had shoes for longer than five years....when did that rule start?

There is something to be said for comfort dear Cookie, and some of us that have to walk around all day long need a good sturdy shoe. I'm not saying a pair of hot pink clogs is necessary, but stilettos will not do either. The only people than can walk for an extended amount of time in stilettos are crack whores and they are HIGH so they don't feel the pain in their feet.


OK, OK!!
now, i have to say that the flip flops are a necessity in texas. it's hot as fuck here in the summer, so you do what you gotta do.
and crocs, hell yes i rock the crocs on a DAILY basis and anyone who doesn't like it can kiss my ass. i am a nursing student and FT mom, i am barely surviving each day, you think i worry about someone thinking my shoes are ugly? nope.
i also enjoy my cute, crazy socks. i'm 29 and i will likely be wearing crazy socks well into old age...
all that said, i do keep my feet looking nice and clean and nails painted. so, if i'm not violating THAT rule, which IMHO is the most important of all rules you listed, then i will happily wear my flip flops, crocs and goofy socks with pride--knowing there are no funky toes in my silly shoes and socks.
love your site...


Seems to me I knew this girl in college (she was EXACTLY like you) and she would never cut her toe nails. They were deadly weapons when used with the proper martial arts moves. She was famous for never wearing practical shoes. And now further amazes me when she is visiting the great white north and I pick her up at the airport and she is BITCHING about how cold she is while her feet go flap,flap,flap in her poorly chosen flip-flop footwear.


I have to totally agree with Shoe Rules 1, 4,5,6,7,&8.
Socks with sandals? redundant!
Brown socks with black shoes? I've seen worse, but yeah. NO!! Don't do it, man!
Flip flops are a HOT weather thing and strictly NOT to be warn with godd@mn jeans or other long pants. If it's cool enough to wear jeans/pants, then it's too cool for flip flops.
Old shoes, unless they are vintage and never-have-been to hardly-ever worn, are sloppy and make you look cheap.
Some people should just not show their feet. EVER. Regardless of pedicures. You know who you are. Keep em covered. They scare me.
Birkenstocks. It's possible they are comfortable? I don't know. They look like something you'd buy just to get the free bong.

#2Crocs. I always said I'd never own a pair because they were hideous. But 99.99% of the Aussie population has them, and in trying to keep up with those oh-so-fashionable Aussies, I tried a pair on, you know, just as an experiment, and OH MY GOD, I bought them, fugly and all. I only wear them when I'm cleaning house or gardening, but have worn them to the supermarket a time or 2. Hey, as a yank DownUnder, I stick out like dogs balls (as they say here, charming eh?) so I will defend my Crocs by saying they help me BLEND! lol

#3--My name is Tigerlilly and I'm a "fun sock" girl. There. I admit it. However, unlike RockStarMommy, I can't wear them in public, because I can't pull it off. I'm just not a "cute" kind of girl. I just don't have it. I lack that gene. So unless you pull up my pant leg or come to my house, you'll never know I've got em on. I just like fun socks. Right now I've got on pink ones with purple flying pigs on them!


I have broken rule # 5 and worn high heeled flip flops to work. I am so...ashamed...


I recently discovered your blog and quite frankly, I'm a serious shoe snob as well. Added to this, the first thing I need to know about a guy is if he owns/has on a decent pair of shoes. Cause seriously, I ain't about to approach this said-gentleman rocking the Tevas.


I sin when it comes to the birks. And the shoes over 5 years old.

I hate ankle boots. If you want to wear a boot, wear a boot. If you want to wear a shoe, wear a shoe.

white tennies with jeans. or anything. ugh.


Brilliant post!

aka Croc Hater extraordinaire

ps- As an added point, I really think it should be part of our American way of life that bi-monthly pedicures should be tax deductible and required for everyone over the age of 12.

Miss J

I'm afraid I have to take issue with your opinion of Crocs... but before you impale my head on a stiletto heel, hear me out! Crocs do have another legitimate use besides chew toys. They make great gardening shoes. I wouldn't DREAM of wearing anything else while fertilizing the lawn or turning the compost heap.


I'm sorry but the "warning" they gave that your radio show might be "sensitive" was hilarious. All those young children out there surfing and coming across your radio show. What a hoot.

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