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My Dad just cuts a big fart for anyone who annoys him on a plane. He actually leans so it goes their way when they won't take notice of the book he is reading or the fact that his eyes have remained closed for more than a minute. He uses the same technique for those bang the backs of his ankles with the shopping cart in the check- out line. If the person also happens to mistake the check-out line for a real live chat room, he squats when he does it.

I can't wait to turn 80.


I can't wait to give you a BIG hug and maybe a kiss on the cheek!

I just don't understand why people feel they can behave in public bathrooms the way they do in their bathrooms at home. For example, how dare someone get mad at me for questioning them on why they were washing pants in a sink at work that they pissed in while serving food. SO GROSS!


I'm a toucher. I will touch you. But your post freaked me out a little and made me feel a little sick, so I will ask permission first next time.

And try not to breast someone at the ATM. Cause that is just wrong.

And the bathroom? Oh don't get me started. I have done TWO posts in the last month about freaks in the bathroom!


wow.. some people are really ignorant of other people's personal space, but i haven't had such experiences like yours. perhaps not showering might help... but then again you might just attract the bad-smelling personal-space-invaders. bah!!


i can not stand to have some one breathe on me. even my hubby. sometimes it's ok for the kids. but only sometimes. i also do not like people i do not know or do not like to touch me.


ok so this is kind of gross. ok so really gross. well i have this amazing ability to puke on command. and I've only had to do it once, but lets just say that the guy at the bank who likes to stand a little to close sees me and walks out instantly now.


You know when you're standing in line and people keep cutting in front of you? That's because you are actually leaving a "personal space" in front of you. I get tweaked cuz everyone is cutting in front of me, but it's better than intimately counting the guy in front of me's back hair with my nipples!

Give us some breathing room people!
Oh and btw, I AM a hugger, but I promise not to hug you in the ladies room...


Next time someone does this to you, just reach down and hold their hand.

Then say something like:

"My psychic TOLD me that my soulmate would brush up against me. You must be it. I like beans."

You can do this with a man OR a woman.

They'll back off.

If they don't, then maybe they really ARE your soulmate.

Take THAT, E-Harmony!

Politically Blonde

Sad, but so totally true. Of course, that's why God invented pepper spray.


I think the sandwich shop guy followed me home the other night. I was coming home from a friends house after midnight, so there wasn't a bunch of traffic, and I swear the car was about 2 inches from my tail! It was kinda freaking me out ... I don't get why people do that either. I'm all about the personal space. And I promise never to talk to you while you pee.

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