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No matter how brutally ugly a chick you see, somewhere, somehow, there is a dude hard up enough to do her. It's staggering.


Was she as bad as Crusty?

A transvestite perhaps?


Looks do matter. The way you look can tell the way you respect others. If it is such an obsession to someone that they want to "look perfect" to attract attention or control everything about their lives, it can also be disrespectful, as much as can be disrespectful the one who doesn't give a damn but still attracts the kind of negative attention that you have described.

My stand is in the middle. Be appropriate. And healthy.


Amazing isn't it. I work with a woman who looks so much like a man, I'm startled every time I walk into the bathroom and she's in there. It's like I have to check the sign on the door.

But then I think, no, really, she wants to look that way.

Miss J

Ai ai ai! She was talking about sex, with an orange film on her snaggly teeth, and you didn't pass out? I would have run away screaming from that, and I'm a tough little chick. Hats off to ya, Cookie.


Ah the memories. It was an adventure at work every day to see what might show up. We all have our quirks, I like to say, but some folks get more than their share. And she reveled in it, it seems.


My god woman. That just... I was scared FOR you! Did you make noise too? I usually give an out loud "Yegh" when I see something like that.

I mean, I'm not the prettiest in the sandbox, but damn, what you described came out of the pits of hell.


I have a friend like that, but she actually does make an effort. She even has a nice looking husband and two mildly unattractive children. She looks a lot like her mom, who also has no problem finding sex partners, although it may not be surprising to know they're all at least as ugly as she is.

The Super Bongo

She's not of my kind . . . we spend hours and hours grooming.


I was scarily enthralled through your re-telling.

Poor you, at least there was alcohol though,

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