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Miss J

I used to work at an office where everybody took turns bringing donuts on Friday morning, and (as usual) I threw a wrench into the works.
There was no donut shop between my house and the office, but there WAS a Popeye's chicken joint around the corner, so on my first turn as donut bringer, I went to Popeye's instead, and got a big box of biscuits, and packets of honey and jam, just to save time.

You would not BELIEVE the carnage that ensued over those damn biscuits.
I live in the South, and trust me, people down here WILL fight over hot fluffy butter biscuits and their favorite jam.


Ahhhh...the table of death...otherwise known as TOD.

You really learn a lot about a person by how s/he reacts to free food during the work day, especially when it is fried and coated in sugar.


Hilarious. I do recall those days. Food in general would set the heard to stampeding. Lots of hungry, hungry hippos in Smurfville.

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