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God that was hilarious. To the writer, if you are a step-mom and the son is now a strong young man (who's just startin to grow up), how can you even think of talking to him abt all these things? Wouldn't it be awkward? I really do think that you guys from the older generation are too sweet and innocent. What if it gives him the wrong idea...

If you don't believe me, go to any porn site (youporn, xvideos) and check out the 'mom/step mom' category. Not saying that kids hit on their step-mom's, but there are a lot of raunchy videos out there with themes like that. Pretty much all of them start with a 'cool step-mom' who's open about 'sex'...

Also too late guys. 'Young lads' readin this page already...Hahaha... Well the way you guys are talkin abt this is ridiculous.

Would you guys PLEASE leave your kids alone. It is so damn disgusting to spy on them or talk abt their 'sexual active'ness' like this.

Why exactly do you want them to stop touching themselves? Cause they don't want to 'wank all the time' either, but sometimes they just do... In fact we have heard of kids who do it 4-6+ times a day.

Healthy Man

For the most part, reading this site only reinforces the notion that there are a lot of very sexually repressed individuals in the world. Someone please tell what IS the problem with masturbation?? It is a good, healthy release of sexual energy and or stress and it is perfectly natural. Thanks to the one or two other posters who shared honestly about their masturbation habits. Come on, folks, let's get real. As a 50 year old single healthy man I masturbate nearly daily and have since I was a teenager -- even when I was married and had a great love life with my wife. Let your teens -- boys AND girls -- explore their bodies in a safe way and release their sexual tensions naturally. You should be happy they are masturbating instead of populating!!!


Haha, this post is awesome! I think it is very inteligent and humorous at the same time. I'm a guy and I've been using my own socks to masterbate with since I was 14 or so. I do recognize its kind of gross but I launder them often and use bleach so they end up good as new.

Butch Kara

I discovered the pleasures of my dad's work socks when I was eleven. Later, tube socks were even better. I was too young to buy lube, spit never lasted long enough and a good sock felt great. I don't understand why this would gross anybody out. Surely you wouldn't want your little linebacker coming home and announcing he'd decided to give up masturbation, found a girl to mate with, and made a baby, would you? Oops, sorry, forgot - there's always CELIBACY.....

jobs in st louis

Apparently, no person won't dare to touch it. Not literally, it symbolizes how dirty the current government is.

Generic Viagra

So the thing that make you stop to do the right thing it was the thought of his socks. I think that it is worse to try to protect them to know the true because in any moment they will release the pressure and we don't know if it is the worse way possible.

generic viagra

ok im a teenage girl, and i was caught by my mom. its even weirder because i use my moms portable shoulder massager to do it! just as i orgasmed, she walked in, and i scrambled to cover up but she saw and knew what i was doing... she was all like "what are u doing" and i was like "yes, i do THAT" and shes like "i dont wanna know" and she walked out!! but the thing is that she is very proper, and hates anything from kissing to sex. she calls (but only when shes drunk) my 17 yr old sister a whore for not being a virgin..... PLEASE HELP?!? WHAT SHOULD I DO?!?!?


My son and I live alone. I told him everything I knew about it(quite a lot since it's been my favorite game for about 25 years now), and I gave him a lock on his door and told him I didn't want to walk in on him, just like he doesn't want to walk in on me. I also told him that any shower longer than 10-15 minutes was an dead give-away. That was at 13. He's been doing his own laundry since 10, so unless there was a question, (there have been a few) we could pretend he and Dad both have locks on their doors because we don't our work/homework to be disturbed.

matthew conway

my son thinks it is nasty to use his own socks, trust me, he didnt lock his door when he was sixteen and i walked in on him using one of his 19 year old sister's socks, uh, that was nasty!


This grossed me out, BTW. And..OK, I've used a sock, but I'd never even heard of it until much later in life. I was clearly deprived.

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