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Mister Groonk

Cookiebitch! you're back! i've been too busy pulling sticks out of various places to notice your return. i'm glad to see you still around burning the whiskers off those kittens.

and inga, my god, inga. is she a cartoon? cause she's definitely pure comedy. inga's a tragic comedic cartoon clown.

or randy newman.

any chance she worked on Toy Story?


ahhh cb, how i've missed you and your lovely ranting...

your counterpart is a singing, skipping, dancing bitch, mine is a late 20s useless (actual) whore who is a decade past her prime, has that worn out, rode-hard-and-put-up-wet look that you only expect to see after 40 years of being the last leftover in the worst dive bar in the middle of nowhere... my day is filled with hearing her lament, in such a bad smoker's voice that you actually look for the hole in her throat, on shoes, clothes, handbags and all of the men who have treated her poorly to date, that is when she isn't crying over one or more of these very things... sure she is a size 0, but only because she spends her morning debating aloud if she should eat half a bagel for breakfast or save it and make it her lunch... she struts about the office acting as if she is the hottest thing to grace the planet and has the attitude to go with... little does she know that she has the worst case of "gone ass" (as in no ass at all) and her complete lack of muscle structure makes ally mcbeal look rotund...

so i feel your pain cb, i feel your pain... may my office whore have an extra tic-tac causing her spindly legs to snap under the added weight and your bitch be unfortunate enough to trip over her carcass causing her the severe rugburn you seek... then, perhaps we can both laugh a little (dastardly i know) and be able to get some work done...




Hilarious and so true!

Two things:

1) Love the name Buelah...that has got to be the most perfect name choice for a butch dyke.

2) You forgot to mention her "European" fashion taste.

Overall, one of your funniest blogs in quite some time.

All hail CB!


As someone said to me recently - Someone needs a hug. But don't look at me.

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