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Yean independently if you are a woman of not, the hygiene it's very important, as you I made an experiment and yeah it's really tired to be a woman, many stuff for make up, how you look and bla bla


Why is that woman stinking up that flower?

a guy

Well, I think you may be correct on assuming most men being envious of women and their vaginas. But not only because they can have multiple orgasms, its the experimental value. I dont know about womens being curious about men, but as a man, if a chance has been offered me to turn into a completely real woman for about a week, I would gladly accept and experiment.

ml brother

men can have multiple orgasms with practice, me and my wife learned this, and ya, as a guy, its worth it.


Brilliant, writes the laughing woman. Bloody brilliant!


I think this multiple orgasm business is all hype. I'll believe it when I see it.




"Mummy, boys wee out of that thing, what's that called?"

"That's their penis."

'We don't have one of those, do we?"

"No, darling, girls have vaginas."

(slight pause as my 4yo daughter thinks about this)

"Oh, mummy" she says, in a hushed, reverent tone, "that's a beautiful name."


Cookie is back. Oh how I've missed you...

I feel the same way. Denial and ignorance are perfectly acceptable for vaginas, except health wise of course. I do want to have children someday and am perfectly ok NOT knowing that there will be tearing and stretching.

Also, what is the world coming to when Women's Studies classes are all about vaginas. Is this teacher female? Or, did some man in the admin dept. get a chuckle out of assigning a male teacher to this class?

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