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bidet toilet

haha. I have a joke about the "bonding" while doing number 2.
2 people are in a cubicle doing number 2:
person 1 : hey
person 2 : uhh.. hi
person 1 : how are you, man?
person 2 : i'm good. how about you?
person 1 : yeah, yeah. good. what are you doing?
person 2 : uhh.. the same as you, i guess.
person 1 : hmm okay. let me call you again later. the guy beside me in a cubicle thinks i'm talking to him. (click)

Learn Sexual Health

What a rare story actually I'm agree with you because this is really stupid because those things can be made for someone really stupid, you made laugh a lot.m10m


Good God, this is perfect. I am going to be subtle and tactful here and send it to my roommates, who are all male and need some of the information here.

You are fantastic.


Me myself don't want to make the wee wee dance too. I rather rush to the toilet and pee there instead of making that stupid dance. We should also use some tissue and wash our hands afterwards for the physical hygiene purposes.


So true. So disgusting. Why can't people get their shit together long enough to take a shit properly and respectfully?

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