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I think it's a matter of respect and co-existence.
OK: If you woman think it's funny and don't mind about your man farting, that's OK.
But...if you think it's obnoxious, then something is going wrong in the relationship.
Why? Because living together implies one person respecting what the other doesn't like....even polluting the air both are sharing. Don't forget that farts are aerosolized shit, so think of your beautiful couch, drapers, carpets, walls, ornaments, etc. coated in particles of your man's ass gas. That's not fair.
I just think a lot of men keep on being immature...the 12-year-old kid doesn't want to leave their bodies.
Women: This depends on you all, strive to be respected.

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Inya Kawin

I fart and my wife farts too. It is a fair competition.


That's gross, I couldn't agree with you more. Belching really grosses me out too.


who ever reads this i s a biitch asz hoe


500 mob bitches fuck all ya hatein biitches


500 mob bitches fuck all ya hatein biitches


Well, 'Now THAT is funny', it might be TOO funny to you, but for me it's a nightmare that never ends and you really have no idea what I go through. It's gone well and truly beyond ALL human reasoning. The entire house just REEKS all the time, and every person that walks through the door of our house immediately wrinkles up their nose and asks if the septic is backed up. This happens even when the man isn't home, because he does it so much and so often that now the smell is just a permanent part of the house.
I go through about 6 bottles of Fabreeze a month for just my clothes because I don't want anyone to think I've just shit myself and not bothered to change my underwear! I don't even bother with the house anymore because why waste Fabreeze? It's hard to come by here and expensive to boot. (Yeah, don't ask where I live that Fabreeze is expensive. Just trust me, it is.)


I never want to get to a point in life where a good fart doesn't make me laugh. I want to be 85 years old, let out a dusty fart, and let what oxygen is left in my body out in a guffaw, then die happy.

Now THAT is funny!

Getting a divorce over farting is TOO funny! My GF always gets upset because I enjoy her getting a whiff of my turd-cutters bounty, but it's all in the name of fun!

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