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Erwin Calverley

It's a free country, and everyone is entitled to have any car one likes. I drive a Prius, but I don't particularly see it as a reflection of my whole character, other than the fact that I love being practical and economical (which I don't consider a bad thing). You just have to remember that it's senseless to mind what other people say about you. I love my car, and I think it makes good sense to keep it, regardless of what others might think.


I agree with Rabbit. Other drivers were more afraid of me in my old broken down Nissan than any Jeep because they all thought, "This guy does not give a crap about getting a dent in his car."


My favorite car was my '95 Neon (it was '02 by the time I owned it). While it didn't say anything impressive about me, I noticed it DID tell other drivers, "I'm broke and bitter. Let me merge because I'm going to cut you off anyway, and then you'll risk damage to your shiny BMW."


I drive a truck too - a bright red V-8 Dodge Dakota. I also feel like people get out of my way but then again it could be because I ride their ass if they don't. :-)
That is the joy of living in CA - everyone tailgates. I however always say "I am not tailgating, I am drafting."

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