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Joey Dog Man

I think that dressing up your dogs is funny if they will stay calm with the stuff on. People are too uptight.


My yorkshire terrier "buttons" is a real fan of doggie fashion items. He struts like a little prince and is so proud of all the tiny fashion wardrobe items I buy for him. Some people say it's cruel to dress dogs as humans but when you see the sparkle in my little angels eyes when we go shopping then you would quickly change your mind.


I thought that calf implants on humans were the most ridiculous thing I'd heard of...but the pseudo doggie testicles definitely topped it.


But if you get your dog "Neuticals" won't he just lick himself compulsively trying to "return" feeling to his artificial balls?

Dogs do that enough already.


CB, do I really even need to comment on this one? I already told you that I will officially stop being your friend when you take your cats to Glamour Shots at the mall and make photo Christmas cards to send out. Yes, I know you say you would never do something like that. That, you aren't that much of a crazy cat lady. But, you do refer to you and your husband as ma and pa when talking to the cats. It is a slippery slope my friend. A slippery slope. I don't even think animals should be allowed indoors. I mean they are ANIMALS for crying out loud!


The only pet I ever had was Arnie, the goldfish. But when I tried to dress him in the cutest little 1940's style "Zoot suit" imaginable, he just refused to wear it. So, I flushed him down the toilet, never to buy another pet again.


I agree. I have alot of pets too and the most I've ever done was put antlers on the dog. And that was just for a photo op. My husbands a vet, and I used to work with him--"Neuticles" would have been really popular when I was working, actually had people ask for them. I posted about Neuticles the other day too. My cats? I can't even get them to wear collars :)

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