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thank you for making me laugh on a damn near daily basis...

i drive 34 miles each day on the 101/134 through the middle of the sfv in la twice a day 5 days a week... having done this for 7 months i'm finally moving in 2 weeks to the other side of work and far, far closer...

at least i have other folk to gawk at during my commute... a few friends & family have had the (dis)pleasure of being on the phone with me while driving and hearing my ever so vocal ranting... before you point and scream at me like a human in invasion of the body snatchers, i've got a bluetooth headset and all of the important people i talk to have voice commands... so at no point are my hands, or penis, off of the wheel...

thanks again for the chuckle, congrats on the new (old) job and i look forward to your next post...

Mike Barash

Silver lining to LA traffic - all those assholes have to conform to the restrictions imposed by bumper to bumper traffic (well, sometimes they just start shooting).

Great post - maybe we should get into Marin County mountain bikers or SF bike messengers next... Critical Mass chafes me.


A confession: Sometimes I put on makeup. But only at the stoplight! My personal theory is that trying to do two things at once only means that they will both turn out half-assed. As evidenced by my makeup job ;)

Wombat and Midwest

Cats don't need to drive; they were designed to be chauffeured, don't you know.

You have two cats - which doesn't qualify you for mad cat-womanhood, btw - so you know that they only exert themselves when ab-so-lute-ly necessary.

Such as when cleaning their butt; coz no-one else will do it.




I'm from Dallas so I do remember how awful the traffic was, I'm sure glad I don't have to deal with that anymore.
I agree about humanity these days, and if you're a crazy cat lady then I must be completely nuts!!

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