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no kidding. i love my kid and pretty much detest 90% of the others out there.


I've noticed that all parents also think their child is a genius. The child could be dumb as a brick, but they glow with pride over his imagined IQ. I know one mom who has a four-year-old that doesn't even recognize his own name (much less a single letter of the alphabet). Mom seems to think he'll be reading and writing before he turns five.


I'm in total agreement, as you know.

That said, I can only imagine (from my experience) that the worst a kid could do would still not be as bad as the drunk grown-ups are capable of.

One word: Trifecta.


And I DO feel like you wrote it just for me!


Following a train ride this weekend, with perhaps the most annoying children ever to walk the face of the earth (featuring water guns, shrieking and swearing next to a cute elderly couple), I had a really relevant conversation with my brother. I called to ask him if having his own child (who, by the way, is perfect) made other people's children less annoying. He responded, "well, Kendal's perfect - so it's hard to say - I always feel bad for the other parents when she's around".

Spoken like a proud father...


Love this post!

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