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I read an interesting detail, In the original novel, Rambo is hitch hiking in Madison, Kentucky. He is picked up by Sheriff Teasle and dropped off at the city limits. Repeatedly coming back, Teasle arrests him and drives him to the station. ! Did you know it???


At least you are admitting that you rather be more like a guy than girl. I think that it is way cooler to be a guy and enjoy all those girls.

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It is hard, if not impossible, to snub a beautiful woman - they remain beautiful and the rebuke recoils. Do you agree?


I'm with you. I've always gotten along better with the guys. I'd rather have a beer and sit on the couch and watch Seinfeld, then go out to dinner with the neighbors.
I could do without the malls too. Great post!


This 12-pack is for all you non-girlie girls who posted, and to the men (like AJ) who appreciate us.

Jewels ... my husband does the same thing, but I have to admit, I don't really want to talk about my day. I just lived it, who needs to relive it?


I agree with you totally. I am not a 'girly' girl either. Can I bring a 12-pack over?

Although I have to admit that I do get happy about shopping for shoes! I love shoes!

My husband wants to talk we get home too and we always wind up only talking about him - what is up with that?


CB you RULE!!

Haha. I read the first few lines and knew this was one to savor.

So I prepared my dinner (a handful of peanuts and a bowl of instant oatmeal--the only edibles I have left, since even tuna helper requires fresh milk) and sat down to enjoy it.

All I have to say is that your husband is a HELL of a lucky guy. And that if you keep posting this stuff, I'll never be sad about my pathetic dinner again.

Thank You!!


Oh, if only *more* women were like you... (and, of course, Helena)



I'm so with you on this one. The weird thing for me is that the guy I know who would appear - on the outside - to be the toughest, is a total girl (in the stereotypical sense of the word) about everything. On the other hand, one of the most obviously gay men I know is kind of a hard-ass.

I'll take a beer, too.

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