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hahaha very funny I can't believe it, I wonder which one could be the worse act that can ruin a momment like this, intimate moment hahaha

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One day DocChuck presented me with a large dayglo purple, knobby, twisting vibrator. My first question to him was, "What did I do to deserve this?" He said he had been reading men's magazines as he is older than myself and wanted to be able to please me. Even though I am opposed to these devices I allowed him to use it on me during our love play. They need to put a warning label on these devices as they give mind numbing Os. I now use the device when DocChuck is not around! Thanks for your great story!


Love that story! I was laughing about it, great way to start the morning! Thanks.

Miss J

I used to work for America Online. A guy told me about a call he took from a woman who was furious because her monitor went all shivery every time she went into a chat room. He told her to sign on and go into a chat while he was on the phone with her... He listened for a moment and then told her "Maam, just turn off the vibrator."

She hung up.

By the way, the cupholder story is NOT an urban myth.



You got it, AJ. Next time we're at Starbucks, coffee's on me.

Course I could drop that money on eggradio. Hmmm

I'll pay for both!

And yes, yes...more funny sex stories...more!


I love this comments thread.

Groonker, you made me spit out my coffee...

(You owe me joe, bro)


NO ... DEADPAN has NOT DONE even one element of the trifecta in my spare bedroom. At least not that I am aware of.
He HAS thrown himself down stairs circa Sonic the Hedgehog, but I wasn't there to witness that. I heard it was quite amazing to watch, however.

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