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I agree with this 100%. And to add to your logic, I don't think it is selfish at all to not have children when you like your freedom. It would be selfish to have children and then still live as though your needs came first. So knowing you don't want to give up your freedom and ability to get up and go at a moment's notice is actually a very mature and respectable reason to not have children. Kudos to you. I too chose not to have children. But I've got plenty of nieces and nephews and have also been told how great I am with the kids. I love 'em but just don't want any of my own. Sue me. ;)


You're wrong on needing a drink the most in the nine months while you're pregnant. it's after the baby is born that you need the drinks. trust me on this ;)


They *always* have something to talk about.

And next time, leave a scar. :-)


This is something I'm just starting to realize is an option. I mean, my friends always used to joke that I had a real Miss Havisham vibe, and it was all in fun. But these days, more and more, I feel like as good as I am with kids, having MY OWN kid may not be right. It made me happy to read what you had to say, because it's given me the realization that a smart, successful woman can be whole without reproducing.


Oh, barren maybe. Loveless, naah. ;-)


Of course, everyone wants you to have kids. Why should they be miserable alone!

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