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The Hotel line of 400 or 500 thread count sheets at Sam's club are smooth and soft and have never pilled on me. I do not use fabric softener and I use All Clear and I wash and dry the sheets on permanent press delicate. But I NEVER, EVER wash them with new towels which will instantly coat sheets with FUZZ BALLS!

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It is indeed so annoying when one is on a bad bed, or a bed that make you feel uncomfortable.


While bamboo/cotton fabrics are good you can't go past 1200 thread count egyption cottom(warp and weft, a lot of quoted thread counts are only in one direction)...

Annoying to iron but they feel amazing. Then all you need is some designer scatter cushions and a goose down or silk doona.


maybe try BAMBOO sheets.
i have "so much" neurological (ms) pain that i feel "Every Single Little Ball" as it drives into my painful skin.
so far bamboo is the only type i've had any success with; but am sure there are others, just not been lucky to find.

Vickie Heffner

I hate fuzz balls also.I sneak and get my sons hair trimers.I works great, but you have to keep at it.

 Kas Bed Linen

I really love have all the stuff of this blogs. Especially yellow Bed linen looks gorgeous.

bed mattresses

I think the bed is great and very comforting to sleep with. Maybe your husband just wanted to try some other color and style to your bed.


OMG did I laugh when reading your article. Not just because it was well written and comical but because I could relate to this scenario completely. I have had this fuzz on sheet problem for a long time now. My husband and I have spent wayyyyy too much money trying to find the best sheets that don't fuzz. One lot was actually guaranteed and we took on the guarantee and took them back to the store after a few washes to receive another set. Guess what, the same thing happened, it wasn't worth going back again. We have tried from 400 to 1000 threat count sheets and to no avail. I've also tried shaving them and it worked only slightly. I guess I'll just have to continue my search....

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I absolutely agree with Renee, sheets and dryers dont get along that well, excellent post, a lot of us already suffered that experience.


Thank you for sharing such an ordeal. This will serve as an inspiration to others who are having same problem as you. I suggest you try to use a different fabric.

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