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you're disgusting!!!

Twisting Ivy

I was spanked, and made to stand in the corner a lot.

I'm a fairly un-kinky whore. I like a little slap-ass, wouldn't say no to handcuffs or whipped cream, and the naughtiest place I've ever engaged in the deed was a public fire exit (stairwell).

That about sums it up. ;)


i'm with neil. maybe we could get a group therapy rate for adult children of hippies. no spankings. i'm a reformed whore.


I have real "liberal" parents who never spanked me at all, and I talk about this in therapy all the time. It totally f***ed me up.


I feel enlightened now. Or is that turned on. Or is that naughty. Hm.

Miss J

Here's my contribution to your spanking research: I was spanked, but very rarely, because I generally didn't get CAUGHT misbehaving.

The few spankings I did get were not very physically painful, but they REALLY pissed me off.

I don't really see what this has to do with whorishness, though. I've had my share of slutty moments, but that was back when I was much younger and slimmer. Crimes of opportunity, milady.


What was that old song? Everyone loves a slut?
Being a whore can be fun. If it's on your own terms.


Seems to me you've got the makings of a grant study here. And I'll volunteer to assist in anyway necessary; spanker, spankee, photographer, lecherous hanger-on. I'm quite versatile really.


I've learned to never again eat while reading your blog as it may make me vomit. The comments about you and your hubby having nasty sex were bad enough; the fact that your cats watch you doing the deed pretty much put me over the edge. Thanks a lot.

I was never spanked by my parents. My grandparents got me with a willow switch every now and then. I have done much freakier stuff than your subjects admitted to doing. Not sure how this helps you research, but I thought I'd throw in my two cents.


Your research is much better than the "scientific" ones.

I was spanked by my mother all the time as a child, as well as beaten by other family members. I've had three sexual parters. One at age 15 through 16, another at 16 through 22, and my current one from 22 until the current date. I'm a few months shy of 28. Although sex is an addiction for me and I refuse to give it up, I don't feel whorish at all. But if being a sex addict is what makes one a whore, add me to the whore-list.

I've never really cared for spankings.

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