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This whole gorilla nipple business is a bit much for me. I feel for the poor HR Manager that had to investigate this claim. If you ever need any sexual harassment stories, let me know.

Val Cox

very funny stories. I love your choice of images to accompany each, classic! Val

The Super Bongo

Oh yeah, um, Gorillas do have thumbs. That's why y'all are in such denial about the whole "human-monkey" thing in the first place . . . the fact other beings actually have thumbs.


Mmmm nothing like sweet lesbian gorilla nipple love. Not that I would know anything about that. I just have a vivid imagination. Yeah, that's it.

The Super Bongo

Besides, you wouldn't want your now perfect ass to be dented or mistreated. More, appreciated for its beauty, right?


How does Koko tweak nipples without opposable thumbs?

THAT'S the real question.


Koko didn't die. Her buddy, Michael the gorilla, died. Koko is still alive, kicking, and feeling people up. So you'll have to wait to inherit the porn.


Why did I think Koko was already dead? If so, can you send me the porn? I like nipples too. And I won't rip them off, I'll only stroke them and pet them and call them George.

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