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When I got to "East and West" I laughed out loud. Hard.

This should have been addressed long ago. Thank you for being the one to take a stand.


Yes Patrick, I live - I just don't have much time to breathe! Anyway, sex has always sold, if you think about it. Recall the days of "I Love Lucy" when the Ricardo's slept in separate beds. Didn't you always wonder how they hooked up and had little Ricky? In fact, it enticed the viewer to watch more shows (I know this from other people, mind you. Not me, I swear).
Or think about the Rolling Stones in the song, "Start Me Up." Recall: "You make a dead man come..."
Even in the Carol Burnett show - how many sexual inuendos went on there? Shall we even venture into Meathead and his references on "All in the Family?"
So, you see, sex has always been in the picture. Insinuations have always been made, the corp is just finally accepting the public likes it.
Miss ya!


Actually, I suspect it's because even mannequins know that sex sells, even in this current time of religious anger and shame at anything sexual. Despite the best efforts of of the recently emboldened evangelicals, we're just animals and we want to do it like on the Discovery Channe. Even mannequins. Although that sounds pretty funny, what with all the "clank, clank" going on. By the way, I thought Andrea was dead, or had moved out of state. Welcome back!

Andrea Garcia

I'm not surprised to see of all the blogs you've posted, Matt and Patrick responded to this one.
As for the nips - it's a sign of the times. They're used now b/c the corp world is finally accepting the fact that nips are not these precious little bumps to be hidden. They are to be enjoyed, relished and welcomed into the world - just as babes welcome them into their mouths.
Or it could be they just had some extra material and needed a spot for it. Imagine what they could do with male mannequins?!

Patrick Cant

I think you spell mannequin "Kim Cattrall" I guess this makes me the second person to post in COOKIEBITCH. Well, damn. I feel extra special. I really do, and I'd like to extend my heartfelt thanks for the opportunity to....

Shoot. just give me a beer.


It's painfully clear when you read my first post that I have no idea how to spell mannequin. I still don't, but I think I'm closer this time.


The mannquin nipple thing was funny. Funny ha ha and funny strange. Not often do things qualify for both funnies, so I think it's a noteworthy accomplishment. Also noteworthy, I think, is that I'm the first person to leave feedback on Cookiebitch's blog. Yay for me.

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